James runs in aid of DART International

James runs in aid of DART International

Supporting a small charity can make a big difference!

James Green's Story 

I will be supporting the Disaster Arborist Response Team by running the Winchester half as I believe it to be an important small charity that can make a big difference.

My personal reasons for volunteering for DART are that I was looking into doing some humanitarian aid work such as the Red Cross or alike and someone tagged me in a social media post about 18 months ago. As the skills I have being a tree surgeon, and someone who has worked for a very short time in the ambulance service (2 years), this seemed like the ideal way for me to use the skills I already have to help those affected by natural disasters. DART is completely volunteer based and after I completed my safety and security training, I also completed advanced windblown Training in Wales.

This subsequently lead to me being deployed on NYE 2015 to Northern Samar in the Philippines after typhoon Nona devastated the area of San Jose on the 15th December 2015. We were deployed as quickly as possible due to the airport on the island not being operational for over a week. The deployment lasted 14 days and working in tropical heat with the PPE we have to wear is intense.

We delivered some basic chainsaw training to some locals and a story of which can be found on the website or Facebook. All awareness and support is welcomed by the charity and if you would like any pictures please see our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Disaster-Arborist-Response-Team-686186644735901/

Also any other supporting info can be found at www.Dartinternational.co.uk

I was in the second deployment to typhoon Nona to aid in typhoon recovery mainly operating to make the schools safe again and allow parents to re-build their homes.

I learned a great deal about the resilience of the Filipino people and their culture of hospitality is amazing.


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