ReesLeisure team take on ActiveWarrior!

ReesLeisure team take on ActiveWarrior!

The ReesLeisure team become warriors!

On Saturday 15th October, 8 members of the ReesLeisure team headed off to Southampton Outdoor Centre to take on the Active Warrior Challenge! We met at the Outdoor Centre, home of ActiveNation, got signed in and set up with our chip timers and ready for our 9:30am wave. The elite active warriors set off before us in the Forlorn Hope wave and so we were able to watch them tackle the first few obstacles as we got psyched up to start. We were greeted and set off with an Icelandic football fan chant and fire breathers which we all found exciting as it really got our motivation levels pumping before the start of the race.

Our first obstacle to tackle was a steeple which sent us straight into a few feet of water. With squelching shoes, we carried on over a 6ft wall, up a tire hill and onto a double set of big obstacles – monkey bars and the salmon ladder. The group tackled these and despite great effort and determination, couldn’t make the salmon ladder (something to do with the bars – our excuse anyway!)

With the first 1km over, we carried on over several 6ft walls, through more water and into an off track trail. Our group powered over and under many different obstacles that came our way. The next BIG obstacle to take was the ski slope water slide – we trekked up the side of the dry ski slope to be greeted with a lot of soap and water at the top. We went down a few at a time, to be greeted with cold and refreshing (but mainly cold!) water at the bottom!

The group got together again and kept on running and we were greeted with our first water station which was greatly appreciated! The next part of the course involved carrying sand bags up and down a steep hill. This was an interesting section but we were all very glad to give the sand bags back to the wonderful marshals at the end! More wall obstacles came and went and then we found ourselves at a dried our pond where we had to carry tyres from one side to the other.

With the finish line in sight, we set off again. Up and over a hill and onto an off road track where we ran over speed bump like humps. We carried on over another rope wall and we were then greeted with two skips which were FULL of cold water. The whole team and the Daily Echo photographer loved this and we managed to get a great team photo.

Our last stretch made us climb up and over a 10ft high ninja wall which at this point felt like it was 50ft high! Still soaking wet, we crawled through two sand pits, over more monkey bars and were greeted at the (very familiar) finish line with our special motivators who came to support us on the day.

Overall it was a fantastic experience, especially for a first time event, and the ReesLeisure team are already looking forward to ActiveWarrior 2017 which is taking place on July 1st 2017. More info here! 

Thanks to the Daily Echo for some great pictures! 


It was great to see some familiar tops around the course too! 


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