Richard & Nigel keep running for RNIB

Richard & Nigel keep running for RNIB

Funds raised for RNIB by running the Winchester Half Marathon


Nigel Smith: I entered the race as a guide runner for a partially sighted friend who is raising money for the RNIB. Unfortunately, he suffered a sprained ankle on the tough mudder the day before the Winchester Half. He was not able to run on Sunday.  So we have to do another one! I still ran and will be running in the Clarendon Marathon on Sunday (as part of a relay team).  The sponsorship raised for RNIB was over a number of events with year. He’s raised over £4,300 and is off to Iceland next week to do a 5 day trek for the RNIB. I’m looking to do the Southampton half in April too.

Richard Wheeler: I have been doing a lot of charity events for the RNIB recently, culminating in a trip to Iceland to trek across the country for 5 days, which actually starts this coming Thursday.
The reason I was running for the Royal National Institute of Blind people was that 5 years ago I lost my eyesight due to a rare hereditary condition known as Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy and am now registered blind. I can see a little bit, but have no central vision and my peripheral is pretty poor. Fortunately I was allowed a guide runner for the day who was still able to run and therefore represent the RNIB in in my absence. I am very keen to try again when my ankle is healed fully and am keen on taking part in the Southampton Half Marathon as well.

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