Shazza Thomas' story

Shazza's Story

Sharon's husband Joe was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in October 2014.

So this is my story, well mine and my husband’s story.

So in October 2014 our world, as we know it, was turned upside down and my husband, Joe, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma which is a blood and bone cancer.

He had been getting pains in his back and we didn’t know what it was until the bombshell was dropped.  He had 37 factures all over his body and he was incredibly weak. The 6th October 2014 was the last time he was at work.  He was extremely young to be diagnosed at only 39, but he faced it head on with the most extraordinary strength and positivity.

As a consequent of this, and a coping mechanism, I started to eat a lot and put on lots of weight. I was working full time and caring for him (obviously I didn’t mind) but it was a strain on both of us. 

My husband Joe went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment and the myeloma was reducing which was great, but he was so poorly.

I then got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was morbidly obese and very unfit.

I joined a boot camp where I live on Hayling Island and started eating healthy and we heard about Myeloma UK and what a great support it was.

My weight was reducing and I was becoming fitter so I then decided to take on my first run which was the 5K GSR last year and I did this for Myeloma.   I found I loved running, I’m not fast but I love it.

In January this year my diabetes had reversed,  yes gone, and I was just under 3 and half stone lighter and now aged 43.

Joe my husband had undergone his second bone marrow transplant and was recovering, and going from strength to strength, what a fighter.

I ran again in the February, a 10K run, and then started up my own running club where I love to encourage others to run and was increasing my distance.

In April I marshalled at the Southampton Half because a friend of mine had entered and heard about the Winchester half and thought why not let’s do this, a challenge massive for me.  I started being able to run 6/8 miles distances.

My husband is now in remission and due to return to work next month (amazing).

I will not stop running for this charity. Last year I raised just over £1000.00 for Myeloma UK and now this year the total is, so far, just over £550.00.  Still got another two events to come.  It was great to run with my great pal Mandi who motivated me and helped me.  Oh yes and now just over 4 ½ stones lighter.

The Winchester half was an amazing event well organised, brilliant support from the community and the marshals. I will remember it forever as my first half marathon being conquered.  Also the motivators that ran with me, there was Vicki and Kim at the beginning and then 6 miles in Russ joined us.  Then as promised, Vikki and Kim joined at the end to see me over the finish.  I just had the best day.  Not forgetting pushing the vintage car up the hill a mile and half in lol.

I’ve been features a few times on twitter and also got our picture in the echo amazing :-)

Thank you Rees Leisure and Winchester it’s been emotional and unforgettable.


Sharon Thomas (twitter - @shazza_woowoo)


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