Welcome to Winchester Half Marathon - Sunday 24th September 10am



Please use this link to have a look at our residents letter for the day of the 24th September 2017. This letter highlights key areas of the route, where and when to expect delays and which roads / areas will be affected by this. 

If you have any further questions please email us at - events@reesleisure.co.uk



If you are planning a journey on the Sunday morning please use this link to have a look at the delayed areas and diversions around Winchester on the day of the Half Marathon. Any further questions please email us at - events@reesleisure.co.uk



We would like to thank every for their co-operation on this day and if you are heading out on the Sunday morning please leave a little contingency time in case of delays.


Thank you,

Events Team 


What’s the last date for entries?

15th August 2017 for postal packages or 6th September 2017 for packs collected on the day.

How do I get my Race number?

If you sign up before August 15th - We will be posting out Race numbers with Race Day Information from early September to reach you before 15th September, well in advance of the race.


If you sign up after August 15th, your pack will be available for collection.

What if I need to change my address?

Please log back into your registration using your email address and password you supplied, this will need to be completed BEFORE the 15th August 2017. If you do not update your address with us by this date, a £10 charge will be incurred to produce a new race pack. Please contact events@reesleisure.co.uk with any queries. 


What happens if I have lost my password or can’t login to Active Network?

Please email us at events@reesleisure.co.uk so we can help you with this

Can I swap my place with a friend?

Sorry no that will not be possible. Each Race number is assigned to a runner with individual medical details and it would not be safe to do so.

Do you have a waiting list?

No once all 3,000 spaces have gone, that is it for the 2017 event. Early bird places for 2018 will go on sale from the end of September 2017 though.

I am ill injured or unable to run, what can I do?

If you notify us by the 15th August that you have sustained an injury we can defer your place to the 2018 event. After the 15th August no deferrals  will be accepted due to the high costs already involved in reserving your space. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. 


Where can I stay before the event?

There are a number of hotels in Winchester to choose from. Check out our Hotels page here with lots of different options to choose from. 

Can I wear earphones or use an ipod?

Anyone who is not running for a prize is now allowed to wear headphones. This is new for this year and means that if you are not competing for a podium place then you are allowed to wear earphones. If however you are aiming to be one of the fastest runners in your event then the Race rules (UKA and BARR) do not allow the use of earphones or ipods. Please also be aware that we will have entertainment on route, so you can enjoy all Winchester has to offer!

How do I enter a Corporate Team?

To Register a Corporate Team you just need to add your company name to your Registration and ensure your colleagues do too. To edit your details please follow the instructions, this will need to be done BEFORE the 15th August 2017. 

What do I do if I have a medical issue?

Please ensure you have updated all your medical information on your registration form BEFORE the 15th August 2017. Update your medical details via Activeworks

How do I enter Winchester Half 2018?

You will be able to enter the 2018 Event from the end of September via the main website: http://www.winchesterhalf.co.uk/


Where do I pick up my Free t-shirt?

Your t-shirt will be given to you in the Finish Distribution area in the Guildhall after you have completed the race on Race Day itself. 

Where can I put my bag and/or clothing I don’t want during the race?

Please put all your clothing into a bag, add the Winchester Half Baggage label which has your Race number on it and hand it in at the Guildhall building prior to the race. Baggage will be available to be dropped off from 0700 and then collection will be open all morning. Please note you will need your official Race Number to collect your bag.


What do I do on the day?

Other than have an enjoyable race? Full details of timings and what you need to do are in your Race Pack, the website and on social media.

What time does my Race start?

The Half Marathon starts at 10:00 from outside Winchester Guildhall. The Mile Fun Run the starts later that day at 14:00. 

What time do I need to get there?

We recommend you aim to be on site at least 90 minutes before your official race start time. There will be queues for parking, toilets and baggage drop off so it is best to be prepared! We also have a warm up, and a mini parade to the start line.


Where are the nearest train stations?

The nearest train station will be Winchester Station. Please check in advance with South West Trains before travelling and for updates on any railworks etc.

Where can I park?

A full parking page will be updated soon! Please note there may be Sunday charges so bring change with you.

How many pacers are there? Where can I find them?

We will have a large number of pacers running, and we would like to thank them all for their support. They are there as a guide for you to help assist with your pacing.

Pacers for the Half Marathon:

1:30 / 1:35 / 1:40 / 1:45 / 1:50 / 1:55 / 2:00 / 2:10 / 2:20 / 2:30 and Last Runner


The Pacers will all be wearing special PACER t-shirts with their target time on their backs. 

Are there any refreshments?

There will be no refreshments in the Race Village itself  however there are many coffee shops, restaurants and hotels between the station, car parks and bus station to pick up snacks and refreshments before the race. 

Where are the drinks stations?

We have four drink stations on route - full details to be announced soon! 

Are there toilets on route?

There will be toilets at Water Station 2 on the route. 

What do I do if I haven’t received my pack?

If you have not received your pack by 20th September, please email events@reesleisure.co.uk with the title RACE PACK and your name and address you expected the pack to arrive at and we can arrange for a new pack to be at Registration.

I want to travel by public transport how do I do that?

There will be some bus and train routes running please check with local operators here:





Where is the Start line?

The start line is outside the Guildhall.

Are there any entries on the day?

No, all entries close on 9th September. 

What happens if I am late on the day, and miss the start?

The Half Marathon Race will begin at 10:00 sharp, we advise you aim to be in the Start area a minimum of 90 minutes prior to the start. Also plan to have an extra 30 minutes to your normal journey time due to road closures.

Once the last runner from the timing pens crosses the start line, that is it, as we have to get the roads re-opened quickly.


Where is the Chip in the Race Pack?

The chip is fixed to the rear of the Race number.

What is the QR code for on the front of the Race number?

The QR code is to help track all your photos via Sussex Photography which will be available through our website after the race.


Do I get a medal?

Of course! And what a medal it is too! All Finishers across the Finish line will pick up a medal as they go though the Finish Gantry. Don’t forget to post your Finishers pic to Twitter @WinchesterHalf using #WinchesterHalfie. There will also be medal discounts available from many local businesses - stay tuned for more details! 

Where can I meet friends and relatives after the race?

You will be able to meet up with Friends and Relatives in the Guildhall Square and the surrounding streets once you have picked up your medal, water, t-shirt, goody bag and foil blanket.

Alternatively arrange to meet the Spectators at a location chosen in advance.

Can I park nearby?

There are some car parks close by and we recommend using the Park & Ride service

Will there be an award ceremony?

Yes! There will be an awards ceremony which will happen on the stage by the Start/Finish gantry at 1230. There will be presentations, pictures and prizes awarded by the Mayor. For full details and to check your timings, check the website! 

Where do I get my results?

All the Results will be available on our website www.winchesterhalf.co.uk.

Will there be pictures of me running?

Yes, there should be! Each Race number has a barcode so you should be able to easily spot yourself amongst the 3,000 runners. Photos will be available on our website: www.winchesterhalf.co.uk 


How do I sign up 2018 Event?

Sign ups for 2018 will open from 25th September 2017 and you will be able to sign up online from our website: www.winchesterhalf.co.uk 


Where is the best place to watch the race?

Either along the streets to cheer the runners on or at the finish line! 

Will there be refreshments?

There will be no refreshments in the Race Village itself however there are many coffee shops, restaurants and hotels between the station, car parks and bus station to pick up snacks and refreshments before and after the race. 

Is the route suitable for wheelchair spectators?

The majority of the route is suitable for wheelchair users to get around using footpaths.


What is the closing date for entries?

The closing date is 15th August 2017

How do we become a WIN City Marshal?

You need to register your interest either as an individual or group here. WIN City Marshals

Can I purchase more than 10 places?

Yes, if your charity purchases 10 or more spaces you receive a 10% discount on entrance fee.

Can I purchase less than 10 places?

Yes a charity can purchase less than 10 places, at full ticket price.


Get in touch

If you have any enquiries, feel free to get in touch by sending us an email or calling us on 02380 254721.