Hursley Residents FAQs

Romsey Road/Pitt Roundabout - How will, and for what time, will access to the Romsey Road (A3090) be restricted? 
This will be marshalled controlled, the control will be in place for 45 Mins pre race start and 45mins after the last runner has cleared this section - this time allows safe deployment and safe collection of TM equipment. (times are variable dependant on traffic flow)
Will the junction of Merdon Castle Lane and the A3090 be controlled? and how? 
Is this the road you're referring to? Click here
If so, we will have one of our marshals placed here to advise anyone leaving the lane that there is no access North bound and to follow the diversion
Will Romsey Road between Standon and Hursley be one way Southbound only? 
Yes , this is to allow runners to occupy one side of the carriageway .
Will runners go through the Kings Head car park? and does the Kings Head know about this? 
Yes the route will go through the Kings Head car park and there will be a water station here as there was last year. Mark, the landlord, has kindly given us permission to use his land again. 
Will access to Hursley from the south be two way as far as Collins Lane? and will access be allowed up Collins Lane? 
Yes access will be two way up until this point. There will be a traffic management marshal in position to advise motorists to take diversion if they are seeking to use as through route.
Collins lane should be unaffected as the runners are using the pub car park. We will place one of our marshals as per last year to advise that Port Lane is closed.
How will residents of Keble Close, Catways and Heathcote Place be affected? They are accessed from Port Lane 
Access will be limited when runners are in the lane but residents will be able to exit their properties when the flow of runners eases. We will do a full resident's letter drop to these areas. 
What will happen to the number 66 bus timetable and route? North and South 
There's two services during the road closure, one north, one south.
The bus north bound will have to follow the diversion and the southbound bus unaffected. We have informed Stagecoach about this. 

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