Run for The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Run for The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to Winchester Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd September 10am


The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Headley Court

DMRC Headley Court is the UK’s leading and world renowned military rehabilitation centre, established in 1949 to treat injured pilots and aircrew. Since that time, it has developed in to a tri-service organisation with a weekly patient cohort of 120, treating a range of injuries, including significant life changing disabilities.

The staff at DMRC Headley Court are drawn from the military and the civilian healthcare sector and include: Consultants in rheumatology and rehabilitation, consultants in sports and exercise medicine, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nursing staff (including pain specialists),  psychologists, speech and language therapists, podiatrists, exercise rehabilitation instructors, cognitive rehabilitation therapists, social workers, community psychiatric nurses, dietician and a host of support staff.

The intent is to provide the highest quality rehabilitation for all patients by maximising functional capability and quality of life whether returning to military service or transitioning to civilian life. The rehabilitation teams are all multidisciplinary and work with the patients and their families to achieve their full potential.

Two staff members from DMRC Headley Court have set a UK wide challenge to raise funds for the DMRC Benevolent Fund. WO2 Dent RM (Military Liaison Officer) and Nicola Norville (Speech and Language Therapist) explain why this charity means so much to them.

“The DMRC Benevolent Fund enables the purchase of special goods and services (that are not covered by the public purse) for our patients whilst they undertake their rehabilitation programme. In addition to these items, the money raised provides patients with the opportunity to engage in social activities during their rehabilitation. Socialising outside of DMRC Headley Court allows them to forget about their injuries and rehabilitation for a few hours. The benefits are enormous, providing a much needed boost and increasing motivation during the difficult and lengthy period of rehabilitation. We know that rehabilitation does not just take place Monday – Friday on a 9-5 basis and the DMRC Benevolent Fund is vital in supporting this wider approach to rehabilitation and recovery.”

3 Half Marathons, 3 Consecutive Weekends, 300 Runners

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Denbies -10 Sep 17, Reigate - 17 Sep 17, Winchester - 24 Sep 17

DMRC's mission is "to deliver consultant-led rehabilitation services to support planned and contingent operations in order to maximise the moral and physical components of fighting power."



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