Why Run For Charity

Why Run For Charity


Why run for charity?


Running a half marathon is a huge challenge to most, so everyone requires motivation to complete such a long distance, whether that is achieving a personal best or running for a good cause. Therefore raising money for a charity gives a purpose to running the Winchester Half Marathon. Running for personal reasons is fantastic but you may hit that wall, and with little motivation behind running the race, you may be tempted to give up. So, by running for a good cause, you will feel inclined to power through with your training.


Charity Support

If you decide to run for a charity, it's almost guaranteed that the fundraising team will be supporting you throughout your half marathon journey. Before, during and after your race you will find the charity there supporting and cheering you along. Many will offer fundraising packs including a running vests and tips to make your race that bit easier. Not forgetting, the charity will provide you with an extensive list of fundraising ideas to help, as well as those all-important training tips!


Making a difference

Many charities have seen runners taking part in Marafun events since they began in 2015, and what a difference charities purchasing spaces has made. By running with a charity place, you are committing to raising money for your chosen cause which is providing them with funds to continue providing their services and help. Whilst fundraising is hugely important, by running for a charity and representing the cause at the Winchester Half Marathon, you are raising awareness. You will be seen by thousands in Winchester, including invaluable sponsors of the event who will recognise your charity and their involvement.


Personal achievement

Choosing to run a half marathon is not a decision you make overnight. Well, not for most anyway. But deciding to run such a distance for a charity will make this achievement feel that much more special. Using a charity space to enter into the half marathon means you are giving something back, whilst also achieving a lifetime goal.


Honouring a loved one

You may have lost a loved one, or have received help and support from a particular charity. So, why not run for a charity that is close to the heart?


Becoming part of a team

Running with a charity place actually means you're joining a team of people all doing the same thing. By running for the same cause as others, you will be connected to a larger community where you can mingle with like-minded runners and make new friends.


Charity packages

If you work for or are involved with a charity, then why not take a look at our Charity Packages to see how we can help you to raise funds through the Winchester Half Marathon.


Get in touch

If you have any enquiries, feel free to get in touch by sending us an email or calling us on 02380 273 657.