Run camp

Run camp

Welcome to Winchester Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd September 10am

RunCamp is the finest way runners can improve strength, reduce injury risk and ultimately get faster through strength and technique development all in a fun group scenario. 

In RunCamp, ‘plodders' have become 'runners' and ‘runners' become faster. Even for those who have dreamt of starting running but have not yet plucked up the courage we can get you there.

With such a wide range of abilities joining us, and no one feeling left out the goal of RunCamp is to make everyone feel welcome and enjoy learning more about running and help you to improve.

These sessions all take place in Winchester and have very limited availability to keep the group numbers down and ensure you learn loads.

Visit the RunCamp website for more information or sign up for these courses today

RunCamp/Winchester Half Marathon Courses £96 for 12 weeks.  Max of 10 people per course.




Marafun Long Run Training

The long run, it exists in every runners vocabulary regardless of ability or speed. It started so simple but these days is far from it. In a similar format to the mobile phone, it started as a simple concept, just used for calling people but now has so many apps, gps, music functions and hidden secrets that it is hard to keep up with the latest fashion. 
I'm old school when it comes to the long run, it has a standalone place in my personal running schedule every week, I have a few tips to 'jazz' it up a bit which I'll reveal in a second but rest assured it doesn't over complicate things - I just have a really short attention span when it comes to running, too long and I get bored, too complicated and I won't do it, I'm sure you are the same?
One of my favourite running coaches (Jack Daniels - not to be mistaken with the alcoholic beverage..) has a very similar view on the long run - Easy. 
A speed you can hold a conversation at. 
The view a lot of runners take is that running should be hard. I agree to a certain extent but not every session should be in place to kill you. Especially not the long run. 
You should be feeling tired but if someone at the end of your run told you to continue you should be able to. Finish like you can give a little bit more. 
Also, don't think your run has to be that 'long'. As beginners, building good foundations is more important, making sure the body strong enough, starting with a long run of 15-20 minutes is fine as long as you make sure you are keeping it at a relatively easy intensity. Only increase your distance as your body is able to cope with the stress you are putting it under. 
For those attempting the half marathon for the very first time, I would look to make sure your longest run is in the 10-12 mile range, the earlier you can start building up to this point the better. For the 10k there's no reason why you couldn't attempt the distance prior to the event, but I would aim for somewhere around 8-10k. 
So we have established that the intensity needs to be kept low, so how do we keep you entertained? 
The sessions I create for runners I coach I try and keep varied, and one of my favourite things to make a long run feel like it finishes quicker is to break it up into smaller chunks. 
10 minutes is a easily manageable chunk, short enough to keep you motivated on the next milestone but not too long so that your attention wanders. 
So have a go at the following long run when you next head out:
Warm up for 5-10 minutes, light jogging, plus some dynamic stretches (more on that in a separate article). 
Run for 7 minutes at an easy speed then increase your speed for 3 minutes. Repeat this format as many times as time or your body allows (e.g. if your current long run is around 1 hour, repeat this 5 times). 
Cool down for 5-10 minutes easy jogging or walking, plus some static stretches. 
The majority of the running will be at your easy speed and we can use the shorter faster section to keep things a bit more entertaining. Your mind is always focused on the next small milestone and not on the clock counting up to an hour or whatever the duration of your run. Mentally you'll be fresher and the time you are out running for will fly by! Additionally the bursts of speed will help keep the quality of your run so we can teach the body to run with better technique throughout your run.
For more tops tips on technique, why not check out the RunCamp 12 week course which teaches you all about the best running technique, they start in January - just in time for Marafun. 
Visit the RunCamp website for more information or sign up for these courses today.


Get a free RunCamp Coached Interval Session… Details below:

Designed for runners looking to improve their speed, fitness, or even lose a bit of weight (intervals are proven to be more effective than simply running).  

For any runners out there who are guilty of plodding through every run, who know the benefits of running intervals/speed sessions but don’t necessarily know how to or simply don’t want to do them on their own (as we all know pushing ourselves in a group is much easier!)

What you can expect:

- Motivational Coaching

- Tips on your running technique (we won't be letting this slip!)

- Fully structured sessions adapted to your ability

- Accountability within the group (you’ll form a great bond within the group to keep you on track with your goals which is priceless).

As with all of our sessions, runners will always be in close proximity, so there is no chance of getting lost or falling behind.


Why interval training?

We have been coaches for a number of years and it has become clear to us that many runners are happy running but not necessarily pushing themselves to the correct level.

So we have designed a session around this, making sure that runners are progressed each week and not just being ran into the ground.

Each session is designed to lead on from the previous one so that your body is constantly adapting to the new challenge, we structure in 'recovery' weeks with easier sessions so that you aren't just pushing the limit week in week out (a problem a lot of runners have).

Wether you are a 15 minute 5k runner or a 40 minute 5k runner, you'll be welcome into the same session, we can adjust according to your ability.

We will even structure in your events plan to ensure you aren't running hard in the days before your running race.


What does the session entail?

With many of our other sessions focused heavily on technique, strength and conditioning this is our pure running fitness session.

Each week will contain specific intervals designed to help you run faster.

We will be on hand to motivate and ensure you are running to the correct level - as we understand more than anyone how easy it is to slow down during your running session because no one is watching what you are up to...

You will also have a coach on side to ensure that your running technique isn't 'failing' during your intervals - we will be correcting and helping (Thats just our job!).  

This is no ordinary interval session, each workout is designed to lead on from the previous one, ensuring that you are progressing week by week, rather than running hard just for the sake of it.

If you’d like to try out this session RunCamp are offering a small number of free places to runners in the Winchester Half Marathon.

There is also limited availability on their early bird offer for those that want to join up, full details here:


Running Analysis

Struggling with motivation or want extra guidance? Trust us, we know exactly how you feel. 

A lot of people who come to RunCamp have read a few things in magazines or books that contradict what they should and shouldn’t be doing. But we are here to give you advice which has been put into practice and has proven results to back it up. With anywhere up to 100 runners per week coming to use RunCamp’s services - something they do must be right!

So if you are looking to improve your running technique and massively improve your fitness RunCamp can come directly to you.

If you can't make the popular RunCamp weekly group sessions or simply want that extra personal touch  you can have your own personal session at your own home or local park convenient to you. 

A zero pressure consultation costs just £50, and is filled with loads of useful information about how to improve your running technique, how to improve your training and also a chance to chat about your goals.

Included in this is a full video analysis - find out exactly what you are doing right and wrong and how to change it.

Running Technique Assessment (including slow motion camera footage and feedback) £50 for one session.

1-2-1 Sessions to improve your running from £30 per session.


Ant Gritton - RunCamp Lead Coach and Director


So here we have our plans, for those looking to get round our 5k, 10k or half marathon events.

  • None to Run (To build you up to 5km)
  • Run to Fun (To build you up to 10km)
  • Fun to the Winchester Half Marathon (To your first half)

All of our plans start in January - so why not make the Winchester Half Marathon part of your New Years Resolution (we have even left January 1st as a rest day so you can have that extra drink!)

For those that want more input than what is on the free plans, RunCamp have an online training plan facility where they design running programmes for a wide range of runners. If you want something bespoke to you and structured, with exact training paces, even intervals personal to your current level of fitness in a plan designed to fit around your busy lifestyle. 

Visit the RunCamp website for more information, they have offered just 10 spaces for this unique service which is guaranteed to help you improve.





Alison Solomon

The training schedule you have made for me has been exceptional - thank you

I have not only reached my goal of sub 55min 10k but absolutely smashed it with a 51:53!! I have also completed my first ever bespoke timed 1 mile and managed a 7.00 min mile :-) and competed in my first ever sprint distance Triathlon and came 6th in category!

Kelly Bailey

"I was having 1-2-1 coaching sessions and online coaching with Ant whilst training up for my first 5k and 10k runs, and when I managed to get a place in the London Marathon he was the person I turned to in order to get me to that finish line. 

Supportive, encouraging, motivational and so so helpful with everything including nutrition, weekly milage, doing intervals - everything I asked he answered...

Because of his help, I finished the marathon in 4:24, way ahead of my 5 hour get me round target!"

Non runner and would never do a marathon... (Until I met Ant!)


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